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A Look at Some Wireless Options for Installing Rear Speakers in a Home Theater Setting

Wireless speaker kits have been introduced about 10 years ago. The main purpose is to eliminate the long speaker cables which normally link the AV receiver with a pair of loudspeakers which are located in the back of the room. These kits have become more popular as home theater systems have increased sales. However, they are some alternatives such as sound bars which eliminate rear speakers. If you still want to set up multiple speakers and try to reduce the speaker cable clutter in your room then it is still with taking a closer look at these options. I will give you some pointers for selecting a suitable product.

cool speakers which are wireless

They are several manufacturers which produce these wireless sets. As an example, the Amphony wireless surround sound set sells for less than $200 and thus an adequate job. Sound cast is another manufacturer which offers similar products. What these sets have in common is that they come with a transmitter base and either one or two wireless receivers. The transmitter is designed to connect to speaker-level outputs is well as …

How to Protect Your Audio Equipment from Damage Due To Lightning

Almost all types of equipment require power. Therefore, you will have to connect each device to a power outlet. Unfortunately, the power supply is prone to surges which can because by other appliances or lightning. In fact, lightning if it enters a power line can cause a huge voltage spike which can damage most types of equipment including audio devices. If you have spent thousands of dollars purchasing equipment, it is well worth spending a few extra hundred dollars to keep your equipment safe from damage.

The most powerful protection against lightning is by using a clean power source. This power source totally this connects the power outlet from the mains by using filtering circuitry as well as the battery. In addition, if the protecting device contains battery, you will also be protected against power outages for certain amount of time. If power is disconnected, the battery will kick in and generate an AC voltage which can keep your equipment running. While having a battery is not a must for audio devices, is quite useful for computers where power …

How to Use Loudspeakers for Improving Your Next Outdoor Gathering

Loudspeakers are great product for providing any outdoor space with music. However, keep in mind that the outdoor environment poses some challenges when it comes to setting up loudspeakers. Obviously, the speakers have to be waterproof in order to withstand rain unless you only set them up temporarily. However, temporary setups are quite dangerous because the speakers can take some damage when being exposed to rain water. Also, some models of loudspeakers don’t take too kindly to high humidity or air which is rather salty when placed in the vicinity of an ocean.

As such, whenever you set up speakers outdoors, I recommend to verify that the speakers where specifically designed for outdoor applications. Many Bluetooth speakers which are marketed today are perfectly suitable for outdoors. However, keep in mind that some speakers are not waterproof. Therefore, it is always best to set them up so that they are protected from rain. Also, make sure that you set up speakers so that they don’t easily tip over when somebody accidentally touches them or trips over speaker wire. For maximum …